Regional Watch for Human Rights in Liberia
Interview of Thompson Adebayort.
By Pouline Kimani

What was the moment of greatest satisfaction in your combat for women's rights in Liberia?

My greatest satisfaction in my combat as an advocate for women rights in Liberia was the time when Liberians began to involve women in political participation, not only through the right to vote but also the right to be voted for.

What do you think are the priorities in Liberia to improve respect for women's rights? What key demands would you make to the President of your country ?

Priority attention should be given to improving actions our judicial system in order to address adequately all forms of gender based violence, sexual violence and rape etc. The government should improve health care for victims of rape and maybe install a fast-track court. There should also be a quota of at least 30% women participation in the legislature.

 If you could change a one thing (a law, a policy, a practice) for the women in your country, what would it be ?

I would like to see the practice of forced marriage to be changed, in particular of minors. This practice, continues in the interior parts of the country.

Why are you engaged in the campaign " Africa for women's rights – Ratify and respect!"?

Working on women's rights is a commitment of Regional Watch For Human Rights, we believe we cannot achieve equality without ensuring that all human beings are free and equal in the work that we do.